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Bring Each Underprivileged Child A Smile By Giving NHIF Toto Card

Who We Are

Better Health Foundation (BHF) is a non profit organization operating at the national level in Tanzania mainland. Its headquarter office is located in Tanga City at Nguvumali ward with representatives from Eastern zone, Central Zone, Western Zone, Coastal Zone and Northern Zone. It was registered in November 2020 under the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children by National Council of NGO with certificate number 00NGO/R/1449.

We as BHF, join hands with Government to ensure availability of health insurance for every Tanzanian by 2025. We provide the underprivileged children below 17 years, free and reliable national health insurance (TOTO cards) for 5 years and empower their families to have feasible small income generating activities.


To be a leading Non-Governmental Organization in supporting underprivileged children in orphanage centers and poor families by having equitable access to health insurance.


To support communities to take charge of their own development through participatory programs and ensure underprivileged children are provided with sustainable health insurance.

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A word From Chairperson - Dr Benedicta Lyapembile

Better Health Foundation (BHF) believes that every Tanzanian child has the right to get a reliable and sustainable health services when the need arises. According to the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children,  only 14% of Tanzanians are using health insurance (Presidential Speech on 21/04/2021). Therefore, our number one goal is to ensure  underprivileged children in Tanzania with special needs from orphanage centers, from poor families and those who are born with anomalies such as albinism, diabetes, blindness, sickle-cell  and any other congenital malformation are provided with free sustainable health insurance. 

No candle loses its light by lighting another candle, BHF humbly invites you, your friends and all donors from Tanzania (Residents and Diasporas), Africa and worldwide with good will to support these children. For diasporas, kindly join our campaign of Rudisha Upendo Nyumbani (RUN) to contribute any amount individually or in groups. 

On behalf of BHF Team, I would like to use this opportunity to convey our heartfelt gratitude to everyone for supporting us to make an impact on the lives of underprivileged children

Tuwapende Tuwatunze Tuwape Tabasamu

What We Do


— We Provide

Sustainable national health insurance for underprivileged children


— We Educate

Care takers of orphanage centers and Poor families about the importance of health insurance.


— We Empower

Poor families to identify their own suitable small income generating activities and support them.


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